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Is it safe to put a Sheet Mask on your face?

September 29, 2016

Originating from South Korea, sheet masks have quickly become a must-have product here in the States. They are an intriguing new skincare idea that has been positively reviewed by beauty bloggers and gurus over the past couple of years. Yet, many of those looking to try sheet masks for the first time may be wondering if it’s a safe product to use. And the answer is definitely yes! Sheet Masks are safe for every skin types. But, not all are created equal. Today we’ll be providing a sheet mask safety guide to discuss everything from ingredients to sheet fabric and overall quality.  

Safe Ingredients

Unlike traditional facial masks which feature harsh chemicals and skin damaging preservatives, sheet masks are aimed to address skin issues in an effective, yet gentle way. One of the ways to achieved this is by replacing the harmful elements with natural alternatives. For example, our Anti-aging & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask fights the effects of aging without skin irritating alcohols and fragrances which can be found in other commercial sheet masks. It’s also made with nourishing and protective ingredients such as vitamin B3, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid.

High-grade Masks

Another important item you need to consider when shopping for a sheet mask is the fabric material used to create the mask. For the best results you will need to use a mask that is made with high-grade materials. But, most commercial masks are made with massed produced course fibers or non-woven pulp fabric. These materials are known to soak up ingredients and adhere poorly to the skin. At ORGAID, we counteracted this problem in our own products by deciding to use safe and effective Ecoderma fabric. Our advance Ecoderma fabric masks help absorb serums deeper into the skin and adhere better.  

Overall Quality

The last tip on our sheet mask guide is to be mindful of the overall quality of the product. Some sheet masks may advertise to be all natural, but in reality they use a mix of non-organic ingredients and skin irritating preservatives. This is why you should always have a look at the back of any product claiming to be all natural. Check to see if the ingredient list contains any skin damaging chemicals such as parabens, formaldehydes, phthalates and sulfates. Other skin irritates to lookout for and avoid include alcohols and fragrances.  When it comes to skincare you should invest in products that are ethical and cruelty-free.  You should also look for lines that are known to use USDA certified organic products rather than natural to ensure that you are bringing premium quality ingredients into your skincare routine.

At ORGAID, we considered all these critical elements to produce a line of sheet masks that feature the highest-grade ingredients and advance fabric materials to give our customers outstanding skincare results.  Check out our full line of sheet masks here

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