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ORGAID vs Korean face sheet masks

With the increasing popularity of Korean skincare products, the beauty market is currently saturated with all kinds of sheet masks. Here are the differences between ORGAID and Korean sheet masks

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Tips to Use a Sheet Mask


One way to enhance your skincare routine is with a sheet mask created with natural ingredients andadvance technology.

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Is it safe to put a Sheet Mask on your face?

Originating from South Korea, sheet masks have quickly become a must-have product here in the States. They are an intriguing new skincare idea that has been positively reviewed by beauty bloggers and gurus over the past couple of years. Yet, many of those looking to try sheet masks for the first time may be wondering if it’s a safe product to use.

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3 Natural Ways To Treat Dry Skin This Fall

Summer is finally leaving and Fall is just around the corner, bringwith it autumn leaves and crisp air. As the seasons change so does our delicate, yet unpredictable skin.  Many with oily skin may start to experience dry patches while those with dry skin may experience excessive flakiness and discomfort.

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