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About Dr. Ian Baek

Dr. Ian Baek

Hi I am Dr. Baek, founder of ORGAID.  I am a scientist with a PhD in Biomaterial Sciences at the University of Illinois.  With over 10 years of studying Drug Delivery, I brought my expertise to skin care.  Utilizing quality organic ingredients and my developed technologies, ORGAID products penetrate deeper into the skin dermis with greater lasting power than any other cosmetic brand.  Not only are ORGAID products developed using a science-based approach, I ensure craftsmanship care throughout total product lifecycle from our labs to your home. My methodology is emphasized by our small-batch formulations, and choice to locally manufacture in Anaheim, CA.

The story of ORGAID began when I was finishing my doctorate program.  My research and interest was primarily in drug delivery systems.  One day, while observing my wife apply her skincare products,  I casually glanced at the ingredients listed on the labels and I was shocked. The ingredients were harmful to the skin. And I was deeply concerned my wife used these products every day.

Dr. Ian Baek

When I asked my wife to consider transitioning to an organic or natural skincare product without the harmful chemicals, she expressed her frustration. Contemporary organic or natural skincare brands were ineffective compared to traditional brands.  Realizing a better alternative product did not exist for my wife, I wanted to utilize my knowledge of Biomaterial Sciences to create one.  The kind of product that effectively delivers nutrients to the skin, and that my wife could use every day without exposing her to harmful chemicals.  After this realization, I remodeled our bedroom into a laboratory and thus ORGAID’s journey began.

 Many skincare brands do not use a science-based approach in their product development. Often times, they rely on marketing tactics to sell their product, without investing in the quality of their product.  However, ORGAID is different. At ORGAID, I personally select each ingredient, research formulation and perform daily small-batch manufacturing to ensure our customers get the highest quality product.  Our mission at ORGAID hasn’t changed from our humble beginnings when my wife was our first customer.