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About Dr. Ian Baek


I'm Dr. Baek, the proud founder of ORGAID, where we believe in the intersection of science and nature for effective skincare. I hold a PhD in Biomaterial Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with over a decade's expertise in skin tissue science and drug delivery.

When I was finishing my doctorate program, I got interested in skincare. One day, I looked at the things my wife used on her skin. I casually glanced at the ingredients listed on her products, and it worried me. Many ingredients she was applying to her skin daily were harmful.

I suggested my wife to use organic or natural skincare products without bad chemicals. But she told me that the organic ones didn't work as well as the regular ones. This realization led me to channel my knowledge of Biomaterial Sciences to create a better alternative. I wanted to create products that would not only effectively deliver nutrients to the skin but also be free from harmful chemicals. Hence, our bedroom was transformed into a makeshift lab, marking the inception of ORGAID.

Growing up in South Korea, I developed a deep appreciation for nature and its harmony with skincare. I brought this idea to ORGAID. We provide an organic skincare line that uses nature's gifts and delivers them to your skin effectively, aligning with my belief in the importance of organic ingredients.

At ORGAID, we stand by a science-based approach to our products. They are carefully crafted to penetrate deeper into the skin for lasting effects. I personally select each ingredient and oversee the manufacturing process, which takes place locally in Anaheim, CA.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, effective skincare products that are not just safe, but also kind to your skin, embodying our belief that science and nature can work in unison. This dedication to quality and health-conscious decisions has remained the cornerstone of ORGAID since our inception. Join us in our journey of providing skincare that truly cares.