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What kinds of materials are used for sheet masks? Every company and brand uses a unique type of fabric. Here are the four materials that are mainly used, listed from the first generation to the most recent generation:

Traditional non-woven fabrics

  • Flat, porous sheets made directly from separate fibers, molten plastic or plastic film (filters, wipes, diapers, etc. use non-woven fiber)
  • Inexpensive
  • Breathable
  • Limited capacity to deliver serum deeper into the skin
  • Does not adhere to the face too well, making it difficult to move around in them


  • Natural fiber harvested from cotton plant (clothes, towels, etc. use cotton)
  • Inexpensive
  • Soft and breathable
  • Have better absorption system into the skin compared to non-woven fiber
  • Does not adhere to the face too well, making it difficult to move around in them


  • 3D structured biocompatible polymer network (used to treat wounds and skin damage in the medical field)
  • Great absorption system and provides a cooling effect
  • Adheres to the face well, making it easy to move around
  • Not breathable
  • Generally has a top and bottom part of sheets separately
  • Chemical during certain types of the hydrogel manufacturing process can irritate skin
  • Normally expensive


  • A type of non-woven fabric from microbial cellulose rather than plant based cellulose
  • Adheres to the skin better than cotton, but still not as good as hydrogel
  • Great absorption system
  • Breathable
  • Easier to move around in than cotton, but less so than hydrogel
  • Came out after hydrogel to improve on the negative qualities of non-woven fabric, but not as comfortable as hydrogel
  • Slightly on the expensive side 


  • The newest generation of fabric for sheet masks developed with advanced technology
  • A combination of positive attributes from non-woven fabric and natural hydrogel
  • Breathable
  • Adheres to the face very well, thus making it easy to move around
  • Absorbs serum deeper into skin
  • Safe and comfortable on skin
  • Expensive
ORGAID proudly uses Ecoderma, which is patented from our partner company. After all, even though the serum may be of great quality, the sheet also needs to be of similar quality in order for the serum to be effectively delivered into the deeper part of your skin.