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How About a Special Treat for Your Skin - ORGANIC MASKS


You probably had a rough day, hustling around to get through it, barely having time to eat, sleep, or care for your well-being. Or maybe on the flip side, you had a great day, being able to enjoy time with your loved ones and accomplishing extraordinary tasks on your to-do list. Regardless, after a long day filled with events, were you able to make time to take care of your skin? It is important to treat your skin as well as you treat your body. Your skin needs healthy nutrients, just like how your body needs them.


Facial sheet masks, which are face-shaped sheets soaked in a diverse-functioning formula, were developed in Asia for consumers’ needs, and have been extremely successful. Facial masks have been popular due to their convenience and effectiveness compared to previous types. Recently, sheet masks were introduced in the USA, and they have aroused a big interest in the beauty market. However, many of these sheet masks consist of poor and sometimes even dangerous ingredients such as parabens and formaldehyde donors, and there is no manufacturing company for facial masks in the USA. For this reason, Dr. Baek decided to develop safe and high-quality sheet masks for consumers and finally founded a start-up company, ORGAID. The goal of our team is to provide you with not only beautiful skin, but also healthy skin.

With organic ingredients you can trust, your skin can experience extraordinary treatment and indulge in the most beneficial formula. Each and every ORGAID sheet mask is crafted with much care just for you.

Furthermore, the special “Ecoderma” mask sheet that is made with advanced technology will feel truly satisfying on your face. Your skin is able to breathe under the mask sheet, as well as capture the nutrition from the serum that will soak deeper into your skin layers..

We are a small company that is just starting to come out into the big world, but we would love to connect with each and every one of you. In fact, we would like you to participate in the final stage of development with us!When you subscribe to our mailing list, we will send you one FREE sample of anti-aging/moisturizing Orgaid sheet mask ($5 value)! Additionally, for those who provide valuable feedback, we will send a special gift just for you when it is time for us to share our products with the world. This is offered once in a lifetime, so keep an eye (or two) out for us! :) (This opportunity is only for subscribers located in the USA.)

We are like a small seed planted in the soil that is just about to budge out above the ground. Won’t you help us bloom into a captivating flower that expands the aroma to provide aid to those in need of a trustworthy and effective skincare product in the world? The wellness of your skin matters to us immeasurably.