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How To Treat Your Skin With a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are the latest trend. They have been called the lazy girls’ facial because they are so easy to use that even if you only have 30 minutes to dedicate you can use these masks. Sheet masks are exactly how they sound they would be. They are literally sheets- that have holes for your eyes, nose and mouth- that you apply to your face for hydrating dry and dull skin.  The following steps are easy to follow and will help you to start improving your skin in minutes!

  1. Wash your face with a mild cleanser. Rinse your face well with warm water. You can also use a washcloth with plain warm water to scrub your face a little bit.
  2. Use a toner. Toner helps prepare your skin to soak in the next step. If you don’t have toner, no worries; your skin can still benefit fully from the sheet mask’s serum.
  3. Open the packet that contains the sheet mask. Be sure that you have either a paper towel or hand towel on hand to clean up any serum that drips off the sheet.
  4. Apply the sheet from your forehead, being mindful of the eye, nose and mouth holes so that they are aligned to your features and not get bubbles. You can use the rest of the liquid that is left in the packet to rub into your neck and other spots on your body.
  5. Relax. Most sheet masks recommend a 20-30 minute application time but you can go longer and go shorter if you want too. (You don’t want to go longer than 30 minutes because they will actually soak back the moisture from your skin as they dry out!)
  6. Pat on any residue on your face after taking off the mask because it is good for your skin and should not cause you any problems. If you are headed to bed, have sweet dreams! If you are headed out, make sure you add some sunblock.

That’s it! Can it get any easier to pamper your skin? Sheet masks come in different formulas that range from hydrating to brightening. Try a full range of options to get your skin in top condition especially during this fall season when your skin is prone to act out. It may be the lazy girls’ facial but this quick method will help you to look like you were at the spa all afternoon.