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7 Ways to Help Your Skin Transition Into Spring

By Brooke Douglas

Spring is a time for renewal, with the fresh air and blooming flowers, we are coming out of a cocoon from winter's intense moisturizer and chapstick. Your skin is definitely ready for some seasonal skincare. So how do we prep our skin for the warm months ahead? Here are 7 easy ways to keep your skin glowing as we go into Spring:

1. Exfoliate

The first step of preparing is to remove the dry skin that winter left behind, creating a clean and fresh surface in order for your products to be able to deeply penetrate the skin. Using effective but gentle exfoliation for your face is crucial, as some products use harsh exfoliants that can cut into your skin and damage it. Our natural ORGAID Purifying Face Polish contains finely-milled brown rice that is a natural ingredient that is gentle on the skin while also providing an anti-aging property. This is a gentle exfoliator that won't damage your skin. Always look at the ingredients when finding an exfoliator to use.

2 Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is always the secret behind any health practice, as it does wonders for your body through skincare, diets, or workouts. Keeping your organs functioning includes water, and your skin is your biggest organ. It will help with the dryness and flakiness of your skin. The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will look and feel.

3. Wearing Sunscreen (Even on Cloudy Days)

As the days become brighter, harmful UV rays can become more damaging to your skin, causing aging, dehydration, and sun spots. Wearing sunscreen will continue to hydrate your face while protecting your skin from the sun. Even on overcast days will the UV rays try to attack your skin, so it is important to wear sunscreen everyday. Using a lightweight moisturizer or even beauty product that contains SPF can help protect against UV rays.

4. Transitioning Into Using a Lighter Moisturizer

As the temperatures rise, so does humidity, so using the same heavy moisturizers that you used over winter can start causing an oily, greasy layer onto your skin, leading also to clogged pores and breakouts. Using a lighter moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated without weighing it down. It will provide the right amount of moisturization for the hot, humid days.

5. Spring Clean Your Skincare Shelf

Nothing like starting a new season with cleaning through your old skin care products! Some may be well beyond their best-before dates, which can cause skin irritation when you use them, so starting fresh with up-to-date skincare is essential when transitioning into spring.

6. Exercise

While this may not pertain to skin care products, regular exercise is great for your health and skin. It increases blood flow and circulation in your face while helping flush out toxins, creating a healthy glow. When you sweat, your pores open and expel dirt and oil that build up, creating a mini facial. After you sweat, make sure you cleanse your skin as your face is open to bacteria.

7. Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a great way into introducing your skin into the moisturizing and healthy glow of spring. ORGAID's Vitamin C & Revitalizing Sheet Mask is the perfect introduction into spring, as the Vitamin C is an antioxidant, brightening and evening your skin, reducing brown spots, boosting collagen in your skin, and can help fight free radicals produced by UV rays. This mask helps start that spring refreshing glow.

With these easy steps in your transition into spring, you can achieve a glowing and youthful skin all season long. Hydrating, exercise, sunscreen, moisturizer, and exfoliation can help protect and energize your skin for the warmer seasons.