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Testing ORGAID's Youth Serum for 30 Days!

before and after using ORGAID Youth Serum

By Maddy DeMain

ORGAID’s Youth Serum, made with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, works to hydrate and regenerate deep into the skin to reduce the signs of aging and improve elasticity. The Hyaluronic Acid absorbs water and works to keep the skin healthy. Vitamin C is another key ingredient in the serum used to fight free radicals in the skin while adding antioxidants. The lightweight face serum works perfectly for brightening the skin while retaining moisture. 

For 30 days I incorporated ORGAID Youth Serum into my skin routine for the very first time! I chose to keep my regular skincare products the same in order to target the effects of the serum itself. I didn’t want to experiment with any other products while testing out the Youth Serum, because if I saw any improvements, I would know that it would be from adding in the serum to my routine. After about a week, I saw an improvement in brightness and bounce in my skin. For the past six months, I have dealt with problems such as texture on my forehead with occasional breakouts and bumps on my chin. I have combination skin, where I am dry in some areas and oily in others with occasional redness across my cheeks and nose. 

Adding ORGAID Youth Serum to my skincare routine gave my skin a boost of energy and helped with my problem areas such as dry spots. In addition, applying the serum overnight reduced my redness and made my skin feel fresh and healthier than before. I found it best for my skin to use the serum in the evening since the consistency of the serum absorbed best into my skin overnight rather than in the mornings. Overall, I loved the lightness of the formula and noticed that my skin reacted very well to its natural ingredients without any burning sensation or irritation. No matter your skin type, this serum has an inclusive formula that is very gentle on the skin while offering deep hydration to the face and neck.