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Introducing ORGAID x Allure Shop


Allure Shop
By Brooke Douglas

On July 1st, 2021, Allure Magazine is opening their first ever physical retail shop in New York City, creating a whole new experience for shoppers by offering an editorial-led selection of the world’s best beauty products. 

Allure’s transition is from digital to physical by creating a 360-degree shopping experience with a content-driven format, reflecting their magazines' most popular content themes. Showcasing over 300 specifically curated products ranging from beauty, skin-care, and hair-care, ORGAID Sheet Mask Multi-Pack will be a part of that bunch. With creating this new path to joining the creativity of social media into a retail strategy, their shop will be designed for the digitally aged. Shopping through headlines and QR codes, you will be trusting editors, influencers, and creators through contactless payments, direct shopping, and product reviews of the best products for you. Allure is creating a new immersive-retail experience, with plenty of space and a minimalist layout filled with augmented reality try-on features, smart mirrors and regular in-store events. They will have crafted the entire in-store shopping journey to replicate an online and print experience, calling this new innovative practice a “experimental editorial”.

With over 25 million readers, Allure Magazine became the ultimate guide to a woman's look. This inspired Allure to create a new experience to make their magazines best content pages into a physical experience. Allure understands that content creators are changing the way the younger generation purchase products, with consumers trusting the beauty products that Allure and its creators select. Through their journalistic approach, their mission is to celebrate beauty and fashion through their high-aesthetic standards and innovative ways, creating experiences for how shopping within retail is tailored to the generation. The shopping experience in New York is just the first step for this process, with Allure hoping to open countless more shops across the United States. Through trusting editors, influencers, and creators, Allure is creating the new path for shopping for beauty.

The Allure Store, 191 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10013