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Why it’s Important to Add Organic Face Oil to Your Skincare Routine

organic face oil

By Brooke Douglas

When it comes to your skincare routine, knowing what steps to add and what steps to avoid can be confusing when you're still understanding what your skin needs. But skincare routines have multiple essential steps that are important to take everyday, which includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and lastly, which is commonly forgotten, applying face oil. 

There are many reasons why face oil is important but it is also important to note the face oil you are using and to avoid ones that are created with synthetic chemicals that can harm your skin. ORGAID has created a face oil that is made with all-natural, organic ingredients such as amaranth seen extract, jojoba oil, and rosehip seed, which are all natural ingredients that don't cause any harm to your skin. 

Why Should We Add Face Oil to Our Skincare Routine?

When we cleanse and tone our face, we are taking away dirt and gunk that filled our pores and leaving behind a clean canvas. Our pores open up and it is easier to deeply penetrate the skin. This step in our skincare routine is why it is essential, it helps our skin to be healthy and clean, helping to prevent acne, irritation, and aging. After you cleanse your face, this is when it is most important to deeply moisturize your face to keep it hydrated and soothed. Using lotion is important, so using a face oil does not replace this step in our skincare, but rather it locks in that moisture. When our lotion is rubbed into your face, it only can moisturize so far, being something you will reapply or not penetrate your skin deeply. When using face oils, it works alongside our own skin’s natural oils, which serves to prevent water loss from the skin and keep your skin hydrated. So when adding face oil, it adds another layer of protection in order to keep your skin’s moisture locked in creating a healthy and glowing complexion.

If you tend to have more of an oily complexion, this doesn't mean that your skin doesn't need oils. As said previously, face oil works along side your skins natural oils that they produce. Helping to control your skins natural oils can be through cleansing your face regularly along with using toner to wipe away the oil and dirt. But when that is done, your face still needs to be properly moisturized because you washed away that dirty layer on your skin and your skin cells need to be properly rejuvenated. It also help to prevent wrinkle lines and signs of aging. Although you are able to apply face oils when you have a more oily complexion, it is important to consider the thickness and the frequency of application. This will determine if you are using the correct product and applying it appropriately according to your skin.

When hearing about using oils, it can be intimidating to add into your face, but testing out different sizes of amount to use on your face and conducting trial runs will help you understand exactly what your skin needs. This also goes for using the correct oils onto your face in order to create the proper skincare. Face oils vary in thickness based on the level of hydration your face is requiring. With ORGAIDS Face Oil, it is a light formula that can easily be adjusted based on your skin type. Level of penetration will be based off of how many drops you use. It is light-weight and doesn't just sit on top of your skin but seeps into it in order to create that hydrated complexion. It provides that extra layer of protection and works alongside what your skin provides and needs. 

Making this switch into your skincare routine will show you just what your skin was needing. By understanding the details to what helps your skin, it can create a hydrated glow that brightens your face. Not only is there just the option of rubbing it into your skin, but adding a little into your lotion, using it when sculpting your face using a gua sha or roller, or can even be used as spot treatment on dark spots. This helps give it a spa-like feel that will benefit your skin in the future. Its investing that time and energy into knowing what can help your skin and what the essentials are to create that perfect skincare routine. 


By knowing your skin, it can help fight against dryness, stripping, oils, aging, and irritation. That is why ORGAID is here to help give you clean beauty that can provide those results your skin is looking for. With our organic ingredients, it guarantees results through active and proven results. Finding a skincare routine should be fun and challenging where the outcome is satisfying and healthy. Adding face oils can be just that, that is why it is important to add it into creating a hydrated complexion.