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ORGAID vs Korean face sheet masks

ORGAID vs Korean face sheet masks

With the increasing popularity of Korean skincare products, the beauty market is currently saturated with all kinds of sheet masks.  The variety is now limitless with sheet masks containing everything from red wine to snail mucin extract.  Since there are so many options available online it’s essential for you to learn how to spot excellent quality sheet masks with ingredients that will benefit and nourish your skin. Today we’ll be exploring the difference between Organic and Korean sheet masks. And why Organic sheet masks are better than Korean sheet masks.


Over the past couple of months info has been released about quality control issues involving Korean made sheet masks. The news brought to light the questionable process used to create the sheet mask including the use of contract manufacturers, at-home workers and an unsanitary sheet folding process. The illegal folding process used by at-home worker affected the overall quality of the sheet masks being purchased by their customers. It resulted in several complaints about stray hairs, mold and unpleasant odors being found inside sheet mask packages.  Yet, this folding process is still being used by Korean companies.  While organically made sheet masks like ORGAID are the first of its kind to be created by brand manufacturer located in the United States. This important difference in the production process ensures that each package contains a high quality mask that is safe and ready for customers to use.


Another clear distinction between organic sheet masks and Korean sheet masks is the type of ingredients used to create the serum. Although many Korean sheet mask brands advertise as being natural the ingredients listed on the back don’t support these claims. They often use low quality extracts, hydrogenated castor oil and drying alcohols. While sheet masks like our Greek Yogurt & Nourishing organic sheet mask contain natural ingredients such as horsetail extract, aloe vera juice, green tea extract and willow bark extract. Our line of sheet masks is formulated with ingredients that are scientifically researched to benefit the skin.  Like our Vitamin C & Revitalizing sheet mask which contains an effective combination of orange peel extract, pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and rosehip extract. These ingredients work together to keep skin youthful, boost collagen production and reduce brown spots.

Chemicals and Preservatives

The harmful side effects of added chemicals and preservatives in skincare products have been well documented throughout the years. Some of the side effects linked to using these chemicals include cancer, damaged nervous systems and hormonal problems. Even through these effects are well known by companies they still continue to use them in their products and sell them to their customers.  Among these products are popular Korean sheet masks created with chemical such as formaldehydes, parabens and phthalates.  You can avoid these harmful preservatives and chemicals by simply choosing organic sheet masks made with only natural ingredients. Since organic sheet masks only contain natural ingredients that work to keep your skin healthy.