4 Reasons to Use a Face Polish and a Sheet Mask Together

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Ever tried driving in a straight line with hopelessly dirty windows? We sure hope not! There’s a reason why cars need to be washed regularly—you can’t expect to see the road clearly if you don’t. And exfoliating the skin works in a similar way. If there’s a dead layer of cells blocking its surface, you can’t expect your skin to function to the best of its ability.


Face Polish + Sheet Mask = The Dynamic Duo


Why does ORGAID’s Honey Crystal & Brown Rice Organic Face Polish work perfectly with our line of sheet masks? Here are several reasons why you’ll want to integrate this safe and natural exfoliant alongside your ORGAID sheet mask of choice:

1. It creates the perfect base prior to applying a sheet mask. By removing the extra layer of dead skin cells through exfoliation, you’re able to prepare the skin for maximum absorption of organic serum from the mask—leading to a smoother and brighter complexion. You want to make your skincare work for you, not against you. Do this by creating the ideal situation for antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to absorb effectively. Here’s an example of what we mean: if you’re dealing with dry and flakey skin, removing the flakes with exfoliation is crucial to allow any skincare ingredient to work afterwards. After all, you can’t properly hydrate skin that’s clogged with dead flakes! If this is you, the Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask is a great option to apply after exfoliation. Using both can simultaneously remove flakes and discourage more from appearing.

 2. All skin types can be susceptible to irritation after exfoliation, whether they’re labeled sensitive or not. So using a sheet mask afterwards is necessary to soothe and calm the skin from any potential aggravation. Of course, once you remove the dead skin cells, you’ll want to encourage healthy growth of new ones. Don’t forget to replenish what was lost! We recommend the Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask for its protein-rich ingredients that encourage cell-growth and regeneration.

3. The skin can sometimes feel a bit dry after exfoliation. Luckily, ORGAID’s Organic Face Polish contains a moisturizing blend of natural oils to prevent the over-drying of the skin. But to go an extra step, simply apply any ORGAID sheet mask of your choice to restore hydration. This is attributed to the fact that all our sheet masks contain Hyaluronic Acid, a powerful molecule which holds a thousand times its weight in water. This makes it the ideal ingredient to plump your skin back to healthy elasticity and restore your lipid barrier after the potentially drying effects of exfoliation.

4. Finally, there’s no one skincare product that will target all of your skin concerns. While sheet masks are a fantastic way to replenish and hydrate the skin, sometimes your skin type requires something more focused on physically removing the top layer of dead and damaged skin cells. If you’re someone that’s concerned with dark spots, discoloration, or unevenness, consider applying the Vitamin C & Revitalizing Sheet Mask after exfoliation. The combination of the two can work together to boost brightening levels. So by using the Organic Face Polish and your favorite ORGAID sheet mask together, you can modify and personalize your routine to suit your unique skincare needs.

Similar to sheet masks, we recommend prepping the skin with ORGAID’s Honey Crystal & Brown Rice Organic Face Polish at least once a week to maintain perfectly radiant, smooth, and hydrated skin. Although they may not be needed every single day, exfoliating and sheet masking together on a regular basis can be a game-changing step to not only amplify your skincare regimen but to Immerse Yourself with safe and organic skincare!

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