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Green Tea


A common practice of today is of drinking too much caffeine and soft drinks, which should not be the case when it comes to maintain healthy skin.  As the time passes, the skin gradually loses its flexibility and natural gloss. However, there’s plenty of natural ways to make your skin look its best.   Green tea has various antioxidants that benefit the body in many ways.  It is one of the most natural ways to help your skin appear flawless and brighter.

Skin benefits of green tea

There have been many researches going on with respect to the advantages and anti-inflammatory effects of green tea on skin since years. At present, the scientists and researchers have finally concluded that tropical green tea has multiple beneficial actions hidden inside for a human’s skin; this truly significant key ingredient must be shared with all of you. You’ll be surprised to know that green tea has been a key ingredient in the sun screens production as it blocks the ultraviolet(UV) rays to penetrate inside the skin and cause inflammation and quenching. All the damage to skin due to the sunrays can be avoided by the use of this magical green tea.  Not only the sun damage is protected but the polyphenols present in green tea are known to slow down the development of some signs of aging as well.  Green tea is that one ingredient which is not only flavorsome but also a fine toner for your skin.

Ramifications of Green Tea on Skin

  1. The complexion gets neat and fair, and blights/acne disappears as green tea works to clears out the toxins in skin.
  2. All the ageing symptoms are swilled away leaving a wrinkle free skin with fine curves and stretches.
  3. The dull and puffiness on the face recedes form the view as the minor amount of caffeine in the green tea functions to energize the skin cells.
  4. It keeps you healthy and free of any disease as the contents in green tea fight off viruses and bacteria present in the body.
  5. The open pores and oil from skin is perished in no time.

The green tea is the most easily available beauty ingredient and its effectiveness is beyond imagination, better than the chemical products. It works faster and potently resulting into a shining neat, clean and smooth skin.