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From the scientific name Rosmarinus officinalis, rosemary is a perennial, woody herb with pointed needle-like leaves. As the name suggests, the herb has an aromatic fragrance similar to that of a rose. Rosemary is native to Portugal and the Mediterranean Sea. The plant can grow to up to 6 feet long, but because of the manner in which it spreads out, it always looks like a bush.  Rosemary can be used to prevent infection, speed wound healing, help hair growth, improve skin and more! Some of the best benefits of rosemary are briefly explained below:

  • Rejuvenates skin:This rosemary oil helps your skin remain healthy and fresh, preventing wrinkles and bags on the skin. The oil has cell regenerative properties that can treat skin conditions. The oil replaces damaged tissues and thus helps in rejuvenating the skin to look fresh, and spotless.
  • Treats Acne: Rosemary oil is known to be a powerful disinfectant. It has antiseptic properties that help prevent acne. Massaging the skin with the oil also improves the complexion of the skin.
  • Anti-Aging Properties:Another well-known benefit of rosemary is its anti-ageing properties. Rosemary oil is rich in antioxidants that tighten the skin. This reduces sagginess and makes the skin more elastic and more firm. It stimulates cell growth and hence, makes the skin look younger.
  • Prevents Skin Infection: Rosemary oil has several medicinal qualities that make it an effective product for skin health. The massaging of rosemary oil helps in treating chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can heal skin burns fairly quickly and effectively as well.

The use of rosemary oil is a natural and effective solution to a number of different skin conditions. However, there are some precautions that need you need to take into consideration before you use rosemary on your skin:

  • Avoid using rosemary if you have aspirin allergy –Rosemary contains a natural compound salicylate that is similar to aspirin. The compound may cause a severe reaction to those who are allergic to aspirin. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your consult your healthcare professional for medical advice.
  • May worsen bleeding or seizure disorders – Though it is not conclusive, there is evidence that the use of rosemary may lead to risks of bleeding, bruises, or even seizures. Use it cautiously and consult your doctor immediately in case of any unwanted side effects.